Alcohol Does These 3 Things (19)

They claimed hypertension is the silent killer but I think the alcohol really is. Alcohol can not only destroy your liver like we all know. It can also destroy your liver’s ability to create insulin. This can lead to diabetes and other metabolic diseases. It can also cause impotence in men (check what causes erectile dysfunction) and make it so that you can perform. Obviously lowers your coordination and physical awareness.  Sure you can use it in moderation and be fine but please never abuse it. The biggest drawback comes from being addicted to it and being so drunk that you don’t know what you were doing. If you can avoid drunkenness and addiction, then it’s really isn’t so bad if it is used lightly. But too many of us use it too often, we aren’t responsible and it affects our health in a bad way.  We also often forget that it is a drug because we can buy it off the shelf in any store.  But let’s not forget how dangerous it really is, how it can destroy our health and our life.  Let’s be mindful of all the ways it can hurt us, all the physical things that can go wrong because we use it, the things that can happen to our liver, the fact that it can make us fat and diabetic.