Using an All-Natural Beauty Guide to Care for Skin

There are lots of ingredients that you have in your medicine chest or your pantry which can be used to treat your skin in a natural way. I love natural beauty guides, because these guides can show more ways to make use of ordinary ingredients for beautiful results than imaginable.

Apple cider vinegar, for instance, can be used to remove small, non-cancerous moles or skin tags. It can be applied to a cotton ball, taped to the skin and left overnight on the blemish or spot each night for a week. The mole will be dissolved all by the powers of the ACV.

You want to ask a doctor before you do this just in case, but I used it for a mole and my doctor was impressed to see it was taken off and left my skin virtually flawless. For ordinary skin cleansing, witch hazel is great.

Apply it using a cotton ball to your face twice a day. It works like the most incredible, but gentle toner you can buy. It is especially good for toning down skin’s redness.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used, sparingly, to help get rid of pimples on the face. Find out more from an all-natural beauty guide.